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High-Grade Rectifiers & Voltage Regulators.

Companies like Bosch, BBB Industriies, Dixie Electric, J&N Electic, Amsco, EGI, Dehong trust Yaletron's premium rectifiers and regulators.

Alternator Rectifier

Yaletron is a full-line supplier of high quality rectifiers for different types of domestic and import alternators. Our product lines include Delco™, Ford™, Denso™, Hitachi™, Mitsubishi™, and Bosch™.

Voltage Regulator

We supply smart voltage regulators to OE customers in US, Canada and China. The smart alternator regulator is a micro-processor based multifunctional voltage regulator with intelligent digital technology for alternators used in cars, trucks, off-road vehicles and marine applications. Customers can choose the desired parameter settings for most of regulator functions and features. The embedded solution allows us to deliver a custom design much quicker than most of regulators with ASIC IC in the market. Engineering samples can be delivered in 2-3 weeks.